Terms & Conditions

Details of Participation

  • This offer is being sponsored by Sunset World Resorts. As part of this discounted promotion, you will attend an approximately 120 minute no-obligation sales presentation, at which you will learn about the vacation opportunities available with Sunset World.
  • To accept this offer you must meet promotional qualifications and agree to these details of participation.
  • Package price includes a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children 12 or under. Children 12-17 may travel for an additional fee, call for details.
  • Married or cohabiting couples with at least one person between the ages of 30-72 and with a combined annual income greater than $75,000 OR single women between the ages of 30-72 with an annual income greater than $75,000
  • If married or cohabiting, both partners or spouses must be present at the Presentation.
  • For identification purposes, each person must possess, and present at the Presentation, a valid driver's license and a major credit card.
  • Must not have not attended a presentation at a Sunset World property within the last twelve months.
  • Both guests must speak & understand English, and be U.S. or Canadian Citizens or permanent residents.
  • No group travel
  • You may cancel any package purchase without penalty within 15 days of initial purchase. Packages cancelled outside that 15 day window will incur a $50 cancellation fee, to be deducted from the refunded amount. If you need to reschedule your reservation arrival date, you can do so without penalty once before 72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date. If you cancel within 72 hours of your arrival date, intentionally mispresent your eligibility for the promotion, or do not show up for your reservation, your package price will be forfeited. Any reschedules within 72 hours of your check-in date will incur a $200 fee.

  • CancunResortGetaways.com is not responsible for any cancellations, liabilities, purchases, or activities related to your trip not directly booked through this site.
  • Full pre-payment using a major credit card is required. This is a non-transferable advance purchase package.
  • Guests may choose only one of the offered attraction packages. The retail value of attractions may be up to $200 and may not be substituted. If attractions are unavailable at the time of travel, an attraction of equal or lesser value may be chosen by the guest from current inventory as replacement.
  • Reservations are made on a space-available basis, and in the case that the sponsor is unable to provide the accommodations listed on this website, accommodations of equivalent value will be substituted. In the event that the sponsor is not able to provide the advertised accommodations, guests may have the option to cancel their package without penalty.
  • Guests will be responsible for all government-imposed taxes related to this packages and will also be responsible for all personal expenses incurred while using this package.


    This offer is being sponsored by Sunset World